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Where can I use Tillt?

Tillt is available for download on the Apple App Store and for use in select U.S. states.


You may NOT compete on operating roads or in other hazardous environments.


Will Tillt compensate me for any errors or disputes? Can I get my money back?


What data does the app collect?


Please see our privacy policy.




How do I find competitors?


You may search for a friend’s name or username on the Find Challengers page. Alternatively, when creating a competition, you may search for friends to challenge by adding a competitor and searching by name or username.


Can I delete or edit past competitions?




Can I leave a competition after joining?

Only if you are the creator and no one has joined.


What happens if I don’t compete in the competition after joining?

Your results are returned at the time of expiration as empty – counting as a loss.

When on the expiration date does a competition expire?


11:59pm PST – at the end of the day indicated.


When can I see my competitor’s results?


Once everyone has competed or the competition deadline has passed.

What are Headstarts?

Headstarts enable you to propose a head start in the race for you or your competitor(s).


Example: Competitor A may give Competitor B a Headstart of 30 seconds per mile. In a three-mile competition, Competitor A would need to run over 1 minute and 30 seconds faster than Competitor B to win.


What about ties?


If one records within Tillt, we measure time to the tenth of a second. Thus, there may be a winner even when the seconds display a tie.


If there is a tie in a one-on-one competition, neither is a “winner”. If there is a tie in a larger competition, there may be more than one winner.




STRAVA Integration

How does recording in STRAVA work?


Once you have integrated your STRAVA account with Tillt, any subsequent and applicable STRAVA run data will automatically populate any Tillt competition in which you are competing in. For speed competitions completed in STRAVA, Tillt will apply your fastest recorded STRAVA run within the competition duration that meets the minimum distance, including any subpart of a longer run. 





What happens when I click “start competition” when competing through Tillt, not STRAVA, on my device?


A 3 second countdown begins until the competition starts.  


Can I pause?


Please “quit” or exit the app if you encounter a hazard rather than continuing into a dangerous situation. 

What happens if I hit “quit” during the competition?


You will exit and consequently lose the competition.


What happens if my device malfunctions during a workout?

You bear the brunt that your malfunctioning device has on the results. After that, we suggest you either calibrate or reset your device or get a new one.





How do I pay and get paid?

You must pay outside of the app, in any way you’d like.

Is paying winners optional?

Yes, payments are voluntary tips.


After each competition the app asks the loser(s) if they paid the winner. If the loser says no, that is recorded.


If the loser says they did pay, the app asks the winner for verification that they got the payment.

How much time do I have to make payment decisions?

Until the winner(s) decides to close out the competition.

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